Day 56

I continued to tweak the Oxford American E-news ad today, and I also began to work on the Louisiana Libraries ad due April 7th. Mandy had yet another ad for me to work on, too, this one due April 10th, which is the start of spring break. I should be able to finish it before … Continue reading Day 56


Day 55

I began work on the Oxford American E-news web ad, due tomorrow, Friday 31st. It’s an ad for the Blues Fest sale that the press is currently having. Kate wanted it to be in the same style as the promotional graphics I made for the LSU Press website. This is proving to be incredibly difficult, … Continue reading Day 55

Day 54

I continued work on the American Historical Review ad and narrowed down my choices to two layouts that were working the best. Laura looked over my proofs and agreed; she thought that the one with the black bar at the bottom was good, but typical, and wanted me to try and finesse the other one … Continue reading Day 54

Day 53

Today I showed Erin the book covers and she agreed that she was tired of seeing the blue. However, she liked the layout without a box behind it; she felt that the box looked like I’d slapped a label on the cover, and the type-only cover looked more integrated with the picture as well as … Continue reading Day 53

Day 52

Today I came in and finished tweaking the spacing and ornaments around the headline of the Alabama Library Association ad, like I discussed Friday with Laura. Then I talked with Laura, who thought that they all looked good and left it up to me to choose. I chose this one, and uploaded it on Liquid … Continue reading Day 52

Day 51

I printed out the Alabama Library Association ad when I came in today to see how it looked, and Laura had a look at it too. She thought that the copy should line up with the left edges of the book covers, instead of being indented, and that the Military Aviation in the Gulf South … Continue reading Day 51

Day 50

Today Mandy had a new ad for me to work on, for the Alabama Library Association. There are six books, with copy for each. I worked on some layouts, then showed them to Laura.     She thought that the ones without a background color worked best, because the other ones had too many borders … Continue reading Day 50

Day 49

Today Laura and I looked at all of the choices that I’d done yesterday of photos for the catalogue cover and picked the ones we liked best. I printed thumbnails to show MaryKatherine and she narrowed it down to two. Then I printed those two at full scale and showed them to Erin, who decided … Continue reading Day 49

Day 48

As per usual, I checked Liquid Planner when I came in and found that there were no new projects for me, so I continued with the catalogue cover. Laura was here today and she gave me a folder of several photos to choose an alternate from, for the catalogue cover. She also told me to … Continue reading Day 48

Day 47

Erin had not given feedback on my proofs for the Blues Fest yet, so I started working on the cover page of the catalogue again. Laura told me last week that they might change the cover image, but for the meantime I’ll continue with the current one, since there aren’t any other suggestions yet. Barbara … Continue reading Day 47