Day 46

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today I continued to work on the Blues Fest sale promotion. I got feedback from Laura first, and then printed out the roughs that she liked and showed them to Erin. Laura helped me figure out how to deal with the type problem I was having on the homepage banner: I … Continue reading Day 46


Day 45

This morning I continued to work on the Blues Fest webpage banners. I focused on the Facebook and landing site banners today, but I went back to the homepage banner at the end of my shift because I still wasn’t satisfied with the type of the subhead. It felt very heavy on the left side, … Continue reading Day 45

Day 44

As usual, I checked Liquid Planner when I came in. Kate had checked off the two Civil War ads that I’d uploaded yesterday and commented that she’d gotten them. I continued to work on the Blues Fest sale homepage banner, trying out a more tame and serious style, like the ones I’d done for the … Continue reading Day 44

Day 42

Over the weekend, Erin uploaded the copy for the next sale banners and assigned them to me on Liquid Planner. So when I got in today, I began work on them immediately. This time it’s a sale for the Blues Fest, so I thought that I should design something a little more fun than my … Continue reading Day 42