Day 9

Since I had trouble with the printer yesterday before I left, first thing this morning I asked Barbara to teach me how to print in color. It involved several steps, but they were all easy enough to remember. The computer screen is still flashing white today. Laura was here today, so I showed her the … Continue reading Day 9


Day 8

Laura was absent today, so I deferred to Mandy for information and help, as well as Barbara and Michelle. Laura had told me previously that I should go to Mandy first, if Laura was not here. Mandy suggested that I go ask Kate about the book signing posters, and see if they were ready to … Continue reading Day 8

Day 7

Today Laura and I arrived at the same time, 8:30. There was a small design project for me to work on; signs for book signings. As usual, I was given the copy for the two signs, consisting of authors and their book titles, and the times that they would be available for book signings. I … Continue reading Day 7