Day 37

I continued work on the two layouts from yesterday, but after printing them, it was clear that the layout with the type in the center was working the best. After discussing with Laura, she suggested that I try moving the headline “New from LSU Press” to the top and keep the logo and subhead at … Continue reading Day 37


Day 36

I started today off by working on those three layouts that Laura and I had discussed yesterday. Surprisingly, the two layouts that included all of the copy were working the best, so I abandoned the third layout that involved cutting everything but the prices from the copy and getting the book covers as large as … Continue reading Day 36

Day 35

As usual, I checked Liquid Planner for any updates, then got to work on the Civil War History ad. Like the last two journal ads, there’s a lot of copy and a lot of book covers to work with. It’s a struggle to get the book covers at a readable size, and the copy for … Continue reading Day 35