Day 17

Laura left the printed thumbnails from yesterday, with Erin’s written feedback, on the desk for me, so I read them and got right to work this morning. Erin had wanted the theme for the banners to be like a gallery, so she thought that I should change the background color to white and the type … Continue reading Day 17


Day 16

Since Laura suggested that I should focus less on the “beautiful” aspect of the heading and more on the “smart” aspect of it (the heading is “Smart books can be beautiful too”), I spent the majority of the time today finding new fonts and playing around with the positions of the heading and subhead. Before … Continue reading Day 16

Day 15

I continued to edit the book covers and frames from yesterday, as well as begin to choose a typeface for the copy. I had trouble with the shadows of the picture frames, so I deleted the ones that came with the vector stock image and instead asked Michelle how to add shadows in Illustrator (since … Continue reading Day 15

Day 14

Finally, Laura and I picked a stock image today and I began editing it in Illustrator. I put the book covers into the frames and adjusted the frames to fit the book covers. Then I worked on adjusting the sizes of the entire set so that they would all fit on the banner, but still … Continue reading Day 14

Day 13

Today I continued searching for a good stock image of picture frames. I narrowed down my choices by asking only for vector images, so that I could change the sizes of the picture frames to fit the cover images, and make any other changes I might come across as I make the banners. Laura had … Continue reading Day 13

Day 12

I continued work on the cover templates today, until I received a new project at the end of my shift. I am to make three web banners for a book sale that the LSU Press is having in February. First, Laura and I discussed the project and the due date (Jan. 31st), and decided to … Continue reading Day 12