Day 22

I continued working on the Environmental History ad. I printed out a rough draft at full size to see how the type size was working, and found that it was very readable. Laura gave me some feedback on the printout and I continued to tweak it. I had a bit of trouble getting the type … Continue reading Day 22


Day 21

Today I began work on the layout that Laura had liked the best yesterday. She had liked the way that the text wrap helped fill up the space, and thought that the sizes of the book covers were good, while still giving enough room for the blurbs. I made several roughs and played around with … Continue reading Day 21

Day 20

When I came in today, Barbara asked for some critique on a poster that she was designing, for one of the press’s authors. I gave a few suggestions and helped her talk through some problems she was having with it. It was nice to see the other designers’ work, and see their process. For the … Continue reading Day 20

Day 18

This Monday I received two new projects. The first is a black and white ad for the French Historical Studies journal, and it is due the 8th. The second is a black and white ad for the Environmental History journal, due the 10th. Both are print ads. I created InDesign files for both and placed … Continue reading Day 18