Day 68

There was nothing new for me to work on, so I continued working on the homepage banner for the Fall 2017 catalog promotion. There won’t be any Facebook or landing site banners, it will just be the homepage. After playing around with opacity and placement of the title, I showed them to Laura and we … Continue reading Day 68


Day 67

There were no new projects for me today, so I continued to work on the homepage banner for the Fall 2017 catalog. Laura showed me how to fake a clipping mask in InDesign, by changing the type into outlines, selecting it using the direct selection tool, then placing the background image into the type and … Continue reading Day 67

Day 66

Today Erin commented on the things she wanted fixed for the Civil War Monitor ad. Michelle came in and helped me with it, and together we came up with a much more readable and interesting design for the type. Then I uploaded the new proof onto Liquid Planner for Erin to check. For the rest … Continue reading Day 66