Day 60

Yesterday Kate commented on Liquid Planner with some changes she wanted me to make. When I came in today, Laura explained them to me in further depth. She, Erin, and Kate all had a long conversation yesterday about how they would like to handle the ads; it was decided that prioritizing the book covers and … Continue reading Day 60


Day 59

Today I continued to tweak the Louisiana Libraries and PMLA ads. I printed out roughs to see how they were working, then fixed some small problems with spacing in the type. I also changed the subhead and header information in the black bar at the bottom of the Louisiana Libraries ad, so that the words … Continue reading Day 59

Day 58

Laura will not be here today either. I continued to work on the two ads (PMLA and Louisiana Libraries), focusing mainly on the PMLA ad. I looked at some of the previous ads that the LSU Press did for PMLA and tried out some textures for the background. I also worked on the hierarchy of … Continue reading Day 58