Day 71

It’s my last day at the LSU Press! I’ll miss working here, but I am glad that the semester is over…summer, here I come! But first, I’ll finish my final project for the press. Yesterday Erin commented on Liquid Planner that she would print out the two banner proofs and write her corrections on them … Continue reading Day 71


Day 70

Today Erin assigned a final project to me: two web banners promoting one of the LSU Press’ books. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to finish them by the end of my last shift on Friday. If not, someone else will have to complete them for the press. I was inspired by Michelle’s Civil War sale … Continue reading Day 70

Day 67

There were no new projects for me today, so I continued to work on the homepage banner for the Fall 2017 catalog. Laura showed me how to fake a clipping mask in InDesign, by changing the type into outlines, selecting it using the direct selection tool, then placing the background image into the type and … Continue reading Day 67

Day 66

Today Erin commented on the things she wanted fixed for the Civil War Monitor ad. Michelle came in and helped me with it, and together we came up with a much more readable and interesting design for the type. Then I uploaded the new proof onto Liquid Planner for Erin to check. For the rest … Continue reading Day 66

Day 64

Today I changed my designs to match the Civil War banners. I switched to the blue, white, and yellow color scheme and used one of the header fonts. I kept the Minion Pro font, however, because I thought it read better for the smaller type. I also added the dark blue dotted line motif. Then … Continue reading Day 64

Day 63

I continued to work on the Civil War Monitor ad, and found two interesting spots for the headline information. I printed a rough of each and showed them to Laura. She then explained that the ad is supposed to be related to the Civil War sale promotion web banners that Michelle designed last week, and … Continue reading Day 63

Day 62

Back from spring break! I got a new ad today, the Civil War Monitor. It’s due Friday. As usual, I placed all of the copy and all of the book covers into my InDesign file, then got started rearranging everything. Right away, I could tell that the size of the ad wasn’t big enough to … Continue reading Day 62

Day 60

Yesterday Kate commented on Liquid Planner with some changes she wanted me to make. When I came in today, Laura explained them to me in further depth. She, Erin, and Kate all had a long conversation yesterday about how they would like to handle the ads; it was decided that prioritizing the book covers and … Continue reading Day 60

Day 59

Today I continued to tweak the Louisiana Libraries and PMLA ads. I printed out roughs to see how they were working, then fixed some small problems with spacing in the type. I also changed the subhead and header information in the black bar at the bottom of the Louisiana Libraries ad, so that the words … Continue reading Day 59

Day 58

Laura will not be here today either. I continued to work on the two ads (PMLA and Louisiana Libraries), focusing mainly on the PMLA ad. I looked at some of the previous ads that the LSU Press did for PMLA and tried out some textures for the background. I also worked on the hierarchy of … Continue reading Day 58