Day 34

On Liquid Planner, Erin had commented that she would like me to switch the Breaking the Silence cover with another one, because they didn’t have large inventory of Breaking the Silence, and she would prefer to promote a book that they have sold less. She gave me three alternatives, and after showing them to Laura, … Continue reading Day 34


Day 33

Back from Mardi Gras break! I continued working on the last two banners for the Read Pink sale, paying attention to the things Erin mentioned on Friday (spacing and sizing the copy to show hierarchy). Laura suggested that I switch to a sans serif font that has more weight choices. She also said that I … Continue reading Day 33

Day 32

Laura was not here today, but this had been planned in advance and she told me at the beginning of the week that she would be absent Friday. I continued to work on the Read Pink homepage banner, then printed out some roughs as thumbnails and brought them to Erin to look at.     … Continue reading Day 32

Day 31

I immediately started working on the Read Pink banners as soon as I came in today. Laura had another webcam meeting with the database company in her office at 9:30, so we went over my roughs before it started. I showed her which ones were my favorite, and she gave me some suggestions: The covers … Continue reading Day 31

Day 30

As usual, I checked Liquid Planner and my emails when I came in, but there weren’t any projects for me to do. But when Laura came in she told me that Erin sent her the copy for the next sale promotion, so I’ll be working on that today. Yay! I like to be busy. Laura … Continue reading Day 30