Day 69

There weren’t any projects for me to work on, as my time at the LSU Press winds down, so I continued finishing up my internship blog and making sure I had all of my projects and daily notes posted.


Day 65

Erin and Kate still haven’t commented on the proof I uploaded yesterday, but Kate is out this week and Erin is very busy (a lot of people in the press are busy with the new database right now). Either way, it’s not due until tomorrow, so I’m not worried. I showed both Laura and Michelle … Continue reading Day 65

Day 61

Kate approved the Louisiana Libraries ad, which was due today. The PMLA ad hasn’t been approved yet, but that one isn’t due until the 10th. There were no other projects assigned to me on Liquid Planner, but Laura said that Mandy should be assigning me something that will be due the week I come back … Continue reading Day 61

Day 40

Today I received feedback from Kate on Liquid Planner. There was a mistake in the copy, where “Updated Edition” had been written twice for The Confederate Cherokees book, so I fixed it and uploaded the final. Then I continued to work on my internship class, as there weren’t any new projects for me today. Laura … Continue reading Day 40

Day 39

Another slow day at the LSU Press. I continued to work on my internship class, catching up on daily notes and editing my blog.

Day 38

There were no updates on Liquid Planner this morning, so I worked on my internship blog today. Laura said that Kate was out of the office this week, at a conference, but that she’d check LP when she got the chance and give feedback on the proof I posted yesterday. I had to change all … Continue reading Day 38

Day 29

First thing today, I checked Liquid Planner, and found no new projects for me. As usual, I worked on my internship blog instead. I asked Laura if Erin had replied about the next sales promotion I am supposed to be designing, and she said that she hadn’t gotten the chance to ask Erin yet, but … Continue reading Day 29

Day 28

As usual, I checked Liquid Planner when I arrived. Today there weren’t any new projects for me, so I set to work on my internship blog. Barbara is out today, so I had to get the keys to Laura’s office from Leslie again. She’s always got something funny to say! When Laura came in, I … Continue reading Day 28

Day 24

Happy Valentine’s Day! Michelle came in when I arrived and wished me a happy day, giving me some cute heart-shaped snacks. I checked Liquid Planner and found no new projects, so I sorted through my daily written notes and continued catching up on my daily posts. I also scanned an image of an author into … Continue reading Day 24

Day 23

When I came in today, I checked Liquid Planner and saw that Kate had reviewed the Environmental History ad and marked it as complete. Liquid Planner is turning out to be very convenient. There weren’t any projects for me to do, so I wrote my daily posts for last week. Laura informed me when she … Continue reading Day 23