Day 3

When I came in today, Laura and I discussed the feedback that Kate and Erin had given me. They both suggested that I add the headline “New to LSU Press” and switch the logo to the one with the words “LSU Press” included. Erin liked how airy the layout was, because it was advertising a … Continue reading Day 3


Day 2

Today I continued working on the A Horse With Holes In It ad. I had the most difficulty with finding a layout that would fit the two blurbs and vertical, 3D book cover in a vertical page size. Laura liked the black bar at the bottom, because it helped ground it. After talking with Laura … Continue reading Day 2

Day 1

First day! I arrived at 9:00 am, and my supervisor, Laura, was already there. She showed me their filing system for the advertisements, on the computer. They usually use TIFF files for book covers and other images and PDF and JPEG for the finished ads. All advertisements are created in InDesign. I looked at their … Continue reading Day 1