Day 27

After uploading my proof yesterday, Kate commented that I should change the font of “The Southern Review” into the same font as the logo font, and put “Read local with” in italics instead. She also said that she made a mistake in the copy and “bookshop” in the subhead should be two words. When I … Continue reading Day 27


Day 26

Today I printed out a few more thumbnails from yesterday’s roughs and went to talk with Barbara about them as soon as I arrived. She showed me a few of the past ads that they did, and that it was different from what I was doing. I looked at a few other ads for The … Continue reading Day 26

Day 25

Yesterday afternoon, Barbara asked me on Liquid Planner if I could do an ad for The Southern Review. I replied that I could, and this morning when I came in I asked Barbara a few questions to clarify the assignment. The ad is black and white and 3 5/16” by 4 7/8”. The sizes of … Continue reading Day 25