Day 71

It’s my last day at the LSU Press! I’ll miss working here, but I am glad that the semester is over…summer, here I come! But first, I’ll finish my final project for the press. Yesterday Erin commented on Liquid Planner that she would print out the two banner proofs and write her corrections on them … Continue reading Day 71


Day 70

Today Erin assigned a final project to me: two web banners promoting one of the LSU Press’ books. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to finish them by the end of my last shift on Friday. If not, someone else will have to complete them for the press. I was inspired by Michelle’s Civil War sale … Continue reading Day 70

Day 68

There was nothing new for me to work on, so I continued working on the homepage banner for the Fall 2017 catalog promotion. There won’t be any Facebook or landing site banners, it will just be the homepage. After playing around with opacity and placement of the title, I showed them to Laura and we … Continue reading Day 68

Day 67

There were no new projects for me today, so I continued to work on the homepage banner for the Fall 2017 catalog. Laura showed me how to fake a clipping mask in InDesign, by changing the type into outlines, selecting it using the direct selection tool, then placing the background image into the type and … Continue reading Day 67

Day 66

Today Erin commented on the things she wanted fixed for the Civil War Monitor ad. Michelle came in and helped me with it, and together we came up with a much more readable and interesting design for the type. Then I uploaded the new proof onto Liquid Planner for Erin to check. For the rest … Continue reading Day 66

Day 55

I began work on the Oxford American E-news web ad, due tomorrow, Friday 31st. It’s an ad for the Blues Fest sale that the press is currently having. Kate wanted it to be in the same style as the promotional graphics I made for the LSU Press website. This is proving to be incredibly difficult, … Continue reading Day 55

Day 46

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today I continued to work on the Blues Fest sale promotion. I got feedback from Laura first, and then printed out the roughs that she liked and showed them to Erin. Laura helped me figure out how to deal with the type problem I was having on the homepage banner: I … Continue reading Day 46

Day 45

This morning I continued to work on the Blues Fest webpage banners. I focused on the Facebook and landing site banners today, but I went back to the homepage banner at the end of my shift because I still wasn’t satisfied with the type of the subhead. It felt very heavy on the left side, … Continue reading Day 45

Day 44

As usual, I checked Liquid Planner when I came in. Kate had checked off the two Civil War ads that I’d uploaded yesterday and commented that she’d gotten them. I continued to work on the Blues Fest sale homepage banner, trying out a more tame and serious style, like the ones I’d done for the … Continue reading Day 44